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We found a secret way to raise a wonderful baby from a Korean postnatal care culture.

There are many different countries out in the world, and each has its own ways of giving birth and raising babies.

However, out of all the countries, the Korean traditional way of giving birth and raising a child is exceptionally unique. First of all, from the moment of birth, your door becomes a “police line” where no outsiders were allowed to enter for three weeks. This was also the same three weeks where normally overworked women were treated like princesses. They will consume healthy food and take no part in any sort of labor and solely focus on resting. Even a minimal movement of holding up a baby was limited, and they only breastfed. The baby was taken care of by the new mom’s mother or her mother-in-law. In continuation of this tradition, even until this day, there are terms like “Three-Seven Days (sam-chil-il, 3 weeks x 7 days = 21 days),” ample resources like the Postnatal Care Facility (where the new mothers rest after giving birth for a period of time), and Postnatal Caregiver (someone who takes care of the new mothers) – which are all terms that do not exist in other countries, but Korea. During the postnatal period, the tradition gets passed on from an “older mom” to a “younger mom.”                                                                               

Mina Seo


Mina's Story

No one warned me that it’s this hard after giving birth!

That’s a phrase that I heard the most often by being a professional postnatal massage therapist for 9 years. In fact, the new moms often feel ill and miserable with no cares for themselves after giving birth. Waking up every two hours to breastfeed, the exhaustion is constant. Seeing these mothers whose day to day just became a “survival,” all I could feel was regretfulness – that I want to help. I wish that I can be a help to these women, though it may be minimal.

I, too, also went through the same experience as a mother of three – the same frustration and sadness about my health and well-being. In retrospect, I could have spent those times in a much happier and healthier way, but I just suffered through because I didn’t know how. That’s why I created Knurture with a group of experts: to help these new mothers with the hardships of raising a baby and the frustrations regarding one’s health. Knurture was especially inspired by the Korean postnatal culture. The Korean postnatal culture prioritizes to help the new mothers’ recovery to be able to care for the baby later (some Koreans let the new mothers rest for 100 days!). I would love to introduce this Korean culture that is so full of love, through the quality products of Knurture to the new mothers.

The baby is only as healthy as the mother, and the household is only as happy as the mother. This is a fact that should be known to everybody in the world. Knurture cheers for the new mothers to be healthy and live happily. And we will help. And we will connect this loving heart, over, and over again. Until the day all the mothers are happy – we will continue to cheer on with quality products and a consistent message.

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